- Nehalem City Docks to Wheeler:
1.5 miles, 2 hours, beginner-intermediate.
This trail is the perfect trail for exploring along the river and into the marshlands. There are several islands in the area, making this a good route if you want to expand your trip a bit from the short 1.5 miles. This trail is especially amazing at high tide. Included in the trial is a bald eagle nest, a county boat ramp with available restrooms, and Bott’s Marsh.

- Nehalem Bay County Boat Ramp to Nehalem Bay State Park:
2-4 hours, beginner-intermediate.
Found on Highway 101 between Nehalem and Wheeler, the Nehalem County Boat Ramp trail is not great for low tide, but makes up for it during high tide by being the perfect place to see all kinds of wildlife and explore the surrounding islands. Herds of elk and a wide variety of birds can be encountered around it. These waters can be challenging at times, and the mileage of the trip depends on the weather and tide conditions.

- Roy Creek County Boat Ramp to Nehalem City Docks:
6.5 miles, 3-5 hours, beginner-intermediate.
This trail is mostly flat water, often requiring a lot of paddling, making it perfect for strengthening your arms. This trail passes through a beautiful gorge and dairy fields. Onion Peak and the surrounding mountains make for a beautiful trip. There you will see nature at its finest along with birds and the occasional seal.

- Nehalem Camp to Roy Creek County Boat Ramp:
6.5 miles, 4 hours, beginner-intermediate.
This trail is a great trial for viewing trees, rock formations and lots of clear blue water. This is one of the most beautiful yet challenging trails, and can prove to be very exciting with its occasional whitewater rapids.

Where to Stay
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